This blog is here to help discuss, encourage and advise on meditation practise and to reflect on the wider issues associated with a contemplative approach to living. Although grounded in insight meditation (Vipassana) and reflective of the teachings of  Siddhatha Gotama, the Buddha, it hopes to support a broad discussion of what it is to meditate and to explore various approaches to self enquiry.

The Bray Meditation space exists not just in the virtual world but is a point of contact for a community of meditators in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland.   We have a room located in the town where we hold a weekly meditation session located here and are part of a larger mindful and ethical community http://www.commongroundbray.com

The Blog Posts –

There is so much to read on the internet these days that brevity is a precious gift. Therefore we have limited the word count to roughly 600 words per post. The posts are by invitation and written by those with a meditation practise..

Contributors – (so far)…

Jay Roche


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