The Impressionists were a movement of like-minded artists in France in the latter half of the 19th century who revolutionised how we look at the world. Artists before them had generally been more concerned with depicting religious events or significant moments in human history. A painting was there to tell a story and the skill of the … More Sensation

A Perfect Day

We all know Lou Reed wrote a great song about having a perfect day. In his brilliant lyric he lists a number of things that make this day better than others; drinking sangria, feeding animals at the zoo, going to a movie. Most importantly he spent his day with a friend – he shared it.  It was a … More A Perfect Day

The Lost City

A meditation practise can sometimes feel a little isolated and even at times a little insular. This is an activity that can seem like a retreat from the world or at least from the demands and distractions of others. For some people this can be one of its attractions and there is a lot to be … More The Lost City

The Renunciant

Many spiritual traditions that have encouraged a more thoughtful approach to living have emphasised the need to turn away from behaviours or habits that either harm ourselves or others. Meditation, when first taken up, can sometimes throw into relief certain types of activities that stand in the way of leading a more mindful or ethical life. In … More The Renunciant

A Theory of Gravity

Even if our meditation practise doesn’t incorporate a religious dimension it is often interesting to look at where these contemplative methods originated. Buddhism in particular is rich in descriptions of meditative states and practical advice for meditators. Some of its literature questions our deepest reasons for following a spiritual path. Why should we practice as we … More A Theory of Gravity

The Natural World

In a probably apocryphal story the painter Jackson Pollock was asked by someone curious about his paintings why he didn’t work from nature. Pollack was said to have quickly retorted – ‘I don’t need to work from nature, I am nature!’ Whether the story is true or not, it illustrates an interesting point, not just … More The Natural World